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Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has asked the National Testing Agency (NTA) to review the present situation and share a revised syllabus for the various competitive and entrance exams, including JEE Main and NEET 2021 it will conduct next year.

Notably, Pokhriyal was sharing the minutes of the high-level review meeting on various schemes and programmes of education ministry on Twitter. Also Read – From Next Academic Year, Technical Courses to be Offered in Regional Languages He stated the NTA will take a stock of the situation across different state and central school education boards before finalising the syllabus. Besides, a campaign will also be launched to seek views from stakeholders on how and when to conduct board exams next year. Dear Students , this is the new Video by #ATC. Hope this video will be of great use for the studnts of CBSE as well as all state boards and students preparing for #iitjee #Neet

watch this video for full information about latest NTA ,CBSE news….

Is it possible to crack JEE Mains in 3 months?


It’s clear enough that you don’t have much time left with you to prepare for JEE. You guys are about to compete with a whole lot of students who have been preparing for the very same thing for the past two years, four years and some, even more, than that. There here has to be some level of difference in their level of preparation and yours, and surely, they are at a better level than you. My aim by mentioning these things is not to demoralize or degrade you, but to make you understand your situation and get you warmed up for the next few months as they are going to need a very high level of dedication, determination and that NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

You only have 3–5 months left for JEE Mains and Advanced and the next few months would require a lot of dedication and hard-work. If you are in class 12 and need to prepare for Boards simultaneously, I would recommend you to go through the syllabus of class 12 before the class 11 in the content mentioned below.

I have mentioned details of which section to cover first and which part should given more importance further I this post. I have explained everything section wise for the ease of reading.


Chemistry is the easiest and the most scoring part of JEE Mains and Advanced Paper. You should be having a great hold on Chemistry keeping in mind the situation you are in. Honestly, this is the subject that could still fetch you about 90+ (out of 120), in JEE if studied properly and with full dedication!! Chemistry could be divided into 3 parts,

– Physical Chemistry

This is the easiest part of all of the JEE syllabus. Go through all the chapters, studying each and every part and practicing lots of questions. You would need to memorize the formulas, have a good hold on a few concepts and should be able to do a little multiplication, division etc. Most of the question of this section are application based and require the memorization of formulas and a little bit calculation.

 Organic Chemistry

This again is also a very scoring section and needs to be understood well. You should know all the Reactions well, how they proceed and most importantly, the mechanism they follow. Most of the questions in JEE Advanced test how well you understood the mechanism of the reaction.

-Inorganic Chemistry

If you are good at mugging up which most of us are, this is a section which could surely fetch you 100% score. Inorganic chemistry requires a good amount of time to read and memorize each and every aspect of whole bunch of reactions. You would need to put in a lot of time in this section and put it again and again to master Inorganic Chemistry and if done with full dedication, it would surely throw back a great result.

Go through your NCERT thoroughly for Chemistry. NCERT is like a Bible for Chemistry. Read each and every line of NCERT by heart and understand every bit of it. Chemistry is a very-very scoring section of all three, and one should never Bluff with it.

Important Chapters: Mole Concept, Equilibrium, Liquid Solutions, Chemical Kinetics, All of Inorganic is equally important, Benzene, Aldehydes and Ketones, Amino Acids, *Perkin’s Reaction*



This section would require a lot of time to master which you don’t have. I would advise you to go through Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics and Thermal Physics first. These are the most scoring and the least time-consuming parts of Physics. If given a good amount of time and understood well, it could give you a good score. These 3 constitute of about 60+% of Physics syllabus.

Modern Physics should be given a greater emphasis as it is mostly a formula and calculation based section and usually, quite a good number of questions are asked from this section.

Thermal Physics is also a calculation and formula based section and require a lot of memorization of formulas.

Move on to Optics after finishing this section. This is a very broad section and requires a lot of practice and a food hold on the concepts.

At last, if left with some time, start with Mechanics. Mechanics is the most important part of Physics but still I asked you guys to leave it for the end as it a vast and a difficult part. It requires a great amount of time and strong concepts. However, if you already have gone through Mechanics before and have quite a good hold over it, I would recommend you to revise and go through this section first especially Work Power Energy and Rotational Mechanics.

Important Chapters: Thermodynamics, Current and Electricity, Wave Optics, Atomic Structure, Rotational Mechanics


Maths is the broadest and the most difficult section of all 3. It consists of Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, and Vectors. You don’t have enough time to cover all these sections.

I would suggest you, to go through the Calculus part first as it is a very easy to learn, scoring and a substantial weightage part. Then go for Geometry and Vectors. These 2 again consume a lot of time but are more of calculation based sections and require a lot of practice. These 3 alone comprise about 70% of the JEE Maths syllabus.

Also go through certain parts of Algebra like Complex Numbers, Probability and Quadratic Equations. Don’t try to cover all of it. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

The most important thing in Mathematics is practice. The more you practice the better you learn, and higher the chances of solving the question on JEE Day.

Important ChaptersLimits and Continuity, Maxima-Minima, Definite Integrals, Parabola, Circles, 3D Geometry, Complex Numbers, Probability

Now summing up, you need to prepare Chemistry very well and try to complete most of the part of it. Physics and Maths on the other hand should be done with patience and more emphasis should be made on quality rather than quantity. JEE is definitely going to put up a difficult question and a light read of these chapters are not going to help you. Try to go through the chapters that I have asked you to before. However, if there are certain topics on which you have a quite a good hold and but I haven’t mentioned in the TO DO FIRST list, do those topics first and then follow mine.

**Please attempt the previous year questions after completion of each topic. This is one of the most important part of JEE Preparation. Please do not forget to do this and attempt as many previous year questions as possible. Also try to attempt the previous year papers during the last few weeks**

If you are preparing Boards too, prepare simultaneously for JEE also. Attempts around 20 questions each day from various topics during Boards. Don’t go for anything new during the last week of JEE Mains, revise key concepts like Inorganic Chemistry and all other formulas and don’t go for anything new.

If you are preparing for JEE Advanced, after JEE Mains, you still have about 1.5 months more to prepare. Continue the same strategy. Try to cover the above mentioned part first and then move on to other topics.

Refer to this post after reading this post: What should be my strategy and schedule to crack JEE ?

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  1. Go through the NCERT books for Physics. NCERT books cover all the topics in the syllabus of the exam. For this reason, finish the NCERT books first to clear your basics. It is very important to get a clear understanding of the basic concepts.
  2. Once your basics are cleared, focus on the most important chapters for IIT JEE Physics. Prioritize your important chapters depending on their weightage in the exams.
  3. Make a complete list of derivations, formulas, and experiments in your syllabus and keep that list somewhere you can see it every day.
  4. Revise all the important concepts religiously.
  5. Solve IIT JEE practice questions regularly. Mark the questions you find difficult to solve and revise them regularly.
  6. Once you have finished the entire syllabus, take full-length IIT JEE mock tests.

AT ATC , you will get a detailed analysis of where you stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are after each test. In addition, ATC also allows you to compare your performance with that of top rankers. To sum up, ANURAG TYAGI CLASSES provides everything that you need to crack IIT JEE.